• Is there a "Disconnect for Non-Pay" ticket on the account? Yes. No.
  • They were not disconnected for non-pay. Enter a "No Water Per Customer" Ticket. If there is a past due balance on the account, take the opportunity to discuss this with the customer. Let them know that this past due balance will eventually result in a disconnection for non-pay if they do not resolve it..
  • Is the ticket closed? Yes. No.
  • Create a "Re-connect for Non-Pay" ticket. .
  • Are there notes on the ticket? Yes. No.
  • Respond according to what the notes say. If you are unsure of how to proceed, contact Daniel or Jaisen..
  • Add a note to the ticket indicating the reason why we are canceling the disconnection. Then, Call Water Ops to let them know. Were you able to reach them? Yes. No.
  • You're done!.
  • Use the email template to alert Water Ops that this disconnection needs to be canceled..