Debt Situation

Last updated 3 years ago First published 01 June, 2017

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David Nesbitt 20 yrs in non-banking financial services as a business and data analyst, business process designer and credit manager. currently Chief Credit Officer of a peer-to-peer lender.
  • Do you have any debts owing at the moment? Yes. No.
  • Maybe Debt Consolidation isn't something you need to worry about right now. BUT Harmoney can lend for many other worthwhile purposes..
  • How were you thinking you'd like to Manage those debts? Optimize them to improve my credit score. Reduce the credit cost (pay less fees and interest). Roll them into a single loan repayment. Pay less each month.
  • Solution pay less each month (link).
  • Solution Combine Payments (link).
  • Solution credit cost (link).
  • Solution credit score.