Combine Payments

Last updated 5 years ago First published 01 June, 2017

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David Nesbitt 20 yrs in non-banking financial services as a business and data analyst, business process designer and credit manager. currently Chief Credit Officer of a peer-to-peer lender.
  • Do you have any credit cards? Yes.
  • How many credit cards do you have? Enter Number (n).
  • #1: How much do you owe? #1: Enter Amount.
  • #n: How much do you owe? #n: Enter amount.
  • Any personal loans? Yes.
  • 1-n: Personal Loan Amount owed? 1-n:Enter amount.
  • Any Lease/Hire Purchase? Yes.
  • 1-n: What's the monthly payment amount? 1-n: Enter monthly payment amount.
  • 1-n: How many payments remain? 1-n: Enter number of payments left.
  • Is there a balloon payment/residual? Yes.
  • 1-n:How much is the residual? 1-n: enter amount.
  • <<<1: Sum of debts > Maximum Limit <<<2: Could combine some but not all debts <<<3: ?other/else?.

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