Internet Troubleshooting

Last updated 4 years ago First published 11 December, 2016

Step by Step guide for Teksavvy Internet Troubleshooting

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Dave Hardwell Technical Manager
  • Are you in the unit currently ? Yes. No.
  • Please send employee to the unit to pursue troubleshooting steps after gaining permission from customer to access condo..
  • Is your internet completely not working. Not Working.
  • Is the DSL light solid green. No. Yes.
  • Check if Thomspon modem is turned on and lights are solid green and ethernet cable is connected to the router..
  • Did you cross check the internet credentials on drive and is the customer using the same ? Yes. No.
  • Did you cross check the internet credentials on drive and is the customer using the same ?.
  • Unplug all cables from the thompson modem and the router connected to it and power off both devices. Wait for 30 seconds, connect all the wires and then power on the modem first and then the router. Now try connecting to the internet by using the default Network name and Wireless key mention at the top or bottom of the router that is connected to the Thompson modem. Are you able to connect to the internet ? Yes. No.
  • Noted down the wireless username and password that customer used and update the same on welcome sheet..
  • Aint you able to connect because you are unable to see the network name else are you able to see the network name , connect to it but still no internet. AnswerAble to connect to wifi but no internet. Cant See Wifi Network Name.
  • Reconfirm that they are looking on top and bottom of the router that is connected to the thompson modem. No. Yes.
  • Send a Office staff to the unit by making a glip task.
  • Check top n below the router connected to Thompson modem. Sometimes the model number of the router is the wifi name and Mac id is the password. If still unable to connect then schedule a onsite staff to go to unit..
  • Is the DSL light solid Green ? No. Yes.
  • Try interchanging the Cable that connects the thompson modern to router vice versa, and then try connecting to internet. Internet Doesn't Work. Internet Works.
  • Issue Resolved.
  • Contact Dave and Transfer Call.
  • Are all the cable coming out of the thompson modem connected properly to the router and is the ethernet cable connected from the thompson modem going into the Internet or LAN port of the router. ( Its the port that is diff in color while the other 4 will be same color. Need to plug the cable into the port that is different in color ). Still No DSL solid green on Router. DSL Solid Green But still no Internet.
  • Contact onsite staff to check for router replacement..
  • Contact Dave.