Head of Comms: Candidiate A or Candidate B?

Last updated 4 years ago First published 12 October, 2016

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  • Is the right senior-level experience more important than previous job title? Naturally, doofus. Someone with, say, 7 years experience leading comms in a national healthcare organisation. Key SMT member, fundamental in shaping and delivering organisation-wide strategy. That kind of thing.. No. They really, really must have the right title..
  • Sounds wise. Candidate A looks a sound bet. Now, would you like to save some money but deliver more impact? No, I'm ok thanks.. Yes of course you wally. But more bang for less buck? Come on....
  • Fair enough. Candidate B looks good then. Might mean getting someone quite junior to support them though. But, you know, they'll pick it up..
  • Well... our 'A' guy will more than deliver as Head of Comms role for 60k, saving you about 7k with on-costs. Along with a senior salary for the possible 'digital editor'-type role, that would allow more senior support for them and a few extra quid in the budget. Ok, next - cryptic one this: are you looking for someone who Wants the job or Needs the job? Ok, you're pushing it now. Clearly I want someone who wants the job...oh God, you're going to bang on about Candidate A again aren't you?.
  • Erm, little bit, yeah. But bear with and all that. Our B guys. Very experienced, right job title on the CV and all that. But you need someone who can hit the ground running strategically and operationally, right? And someone who really wants This Job, not Any Job, right? ...ok, best I leave that there for now :).
  • Really? I'm afraid so....
  • It's Candidate B for you then. Could be expensive though. And how hands-on have they been? You know, just saying and all that..