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  • It's 30 minutes to left in your shift. Your manager sends you an email asking you to finish a report. What do you do? (TC/BL) I done that yesterday, otherwise I'd be here all night finishing it. It includes a lot of charts. (HP/TM) I'd do it tomorrow and write a meaningful report. . (OF) Approach it the way I have for the past five years. Assess and make judgement from there. Otherwise do it tomorrow and tell my manager hes unrealistic.
  • The next day your manager asked you to create a report on a new software.. I’ll dedicate the whole day to getting it done even if I’m staying behind. New tech is fun.. I’ll delegate to someone who knows tech and cover some of their work, I’m super productive.
  • The Totally Committed.
  • The Bottom Line.
  • HP/TM You have been asked to lead a committee for the social club. The first thing you ask is….. Can we run an event that helps the community. Cool, is it a non-profit group? And can I choose my hours? .
  • The Higher Purpose.
  • The Millennial.
  • There is a new software that cuts work time in half by running several calculations. Problem is it makes mistakes sometimes.. Use it anyway, the company’s fault for being stupid enough to use it. I’ll use the old way for now. It don’t need fixing if it aint broke..
  • The Malcontented.
  • The Old Fashioned.

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