Which Antivirus software should I buy?

Last updated 7 years ago First published 14 March, 2016

Avast works incredibly with my Desktop, Laptop and iPhone. My next door neighbour was yelling at his Macbook 3 days ago. I got him the Avast for his computer and his Andriod phone. Now he is as happy with his devices as he hasn't been ever. Its a great Antivirus solution for your PC (Laptop, Desktop), Phones and Tabs (Android, iPhone, iPad). We use many devices today. Each device needs its own different protection from virus, spam, hacking and many other risks. You will find here a unique solution for your much useful device, nice & easy.

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  • What device you want to protect. My PC (desktop/laptop). My phone/tab.
  • Which OS do you use? Windows. MAC.
  • Avast Mac Security.
  • Would you like an internet security with the antivirus software? Yes. No, I don't use internet that much. I just want to protect my PC from other devices. .
  • Avast Pro Antivirus.
  • What kind of protection do you want? I want to protect my personal workstation. I run a business, own a sever. I want to protect them all.. I own a linux server. I want to protect both my server and workstations.. I want to protect my email server.. I want to protect my file server only. .
  • Avast premier antivirus..
  • Avast Security Suite for Linux.
  • Avast Email Server Security.
  • Avast File Server Security.
  • How big is your system? Very large. Have tons of activities.. A medium size server and a number of workstations.. A couple of corporate workstations with a small server.. Small organization, small system. Need to think about affordability.
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus.
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Suite.
  • Avast Endpoint Protection Plus.
  • Avast Endpoint Protection.
  • Which phone do you own? Android. Iphone.
  • Avast Mobile Security.
  • Avast SecureLine.