Which laptop should I buy?

Last updated 6 years ago First published 03 July, 2016

If you want a laptop or Macbook, follow this tree.

Do not get confused seeing so many products before you. The tree is here to solve your problem.

I got my product right and I got sitting right in front of my monitor!

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  • Which OS do you prefer? MAC. Windows..
  • Click here to follow the windows laptop tree..
  • Do you travel a lot? Yes.. No..
  • Do you want the smallest laptop? Why not? Smaller things are easy to carry.. I need more storage. I can substitute the size for storage. .
  • Apple Macbook Air 11.6 inch 4GB 256GB.
  • Do you want the largest storage space available? The larger, the better.. Not necessarily. Around 500GB will do just fine..
  • Apple MD101 MacBook Pro Ci5 13 Inch 4GB 1TB Laptop..
  • Apple Macbook 12 inch 1.2 GHz 8GB 512GB..
  • Do you want a large screen Macbook? The lager, the better. I don't move much.. I'll give up the screen size if I get larger storage..
  • Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display 15 inch 16GB 256GB.
  • Apple Macbook Pro MGXC2B/A 15 Inch 16GB 512GB Laptop.