Warrant / Summons

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Follow the prompts.

Criminal Justice English Rating: Above 18 Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 13 nodes Possible solutions: 8
Brad Hayworth Career in Law Enforcement, looking to make in house processes simpler to identify and follow.
  • Background Info - NCIC, III, DV, Sex Assault, Registries have been checked and results are in hand. Juvenile registry must be checked for any Defendant 28 years old or younger.. Done. Not Done.
  • Run background info before proceeding.
  • Do you know what charges you want to file? Yes. No.
  • Figure out what charges - specific statutes..
  • Are there indictable charges? No. Yes.
  • Contact AP for approval, then move on to eCDR process based on AP guidance.
  • Are any of the DP/PDPs DV related. No. Yes.
  • Is it a Mandatory Arrest situation. Yes. No.
  • Notify MCPO DV Unit at 973-285-6200 during business hours or have County contact On Call DV AP.
  • Do you want to overcome the presumption of a Complaint Summons (get warrant instead?). Yes. No.
  • No need to contact AP. Issue Complaint Summons, with approval of CTPD Supervisory Officer (Section VI-B of directive).
  • Contact DV Unit at 973-377-0100 during business hours or have County contact Duty DV AP.
  • Do you want to try to overcome presumption of Summons (get Warrant anyway?). No. Yes.
  • Contact AP and be prepared to demonstrate that Warrant is necessary for safety of victim/community, to assure Def's appearance, or prevent Def. from obstructing Criminal Justice process..
  • Issue summons through eCDR with approval of Supervisory Officer.

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