Am I allergic to sulfites?

Last updated 4 years ago First published 30 December, 2017

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  • What happens when you drink wine ? My throat swells and I get hives. I get a headache. Nothing, except I sometimes get intoxicated.
  • Like 99% of Americans, you are not allergic to sulfites! Congratulations! Have another glass..
  • Can you eat dried fruit? Yes, with no problem.. No, my throat swells and I get hives.
  • You are allergic to sulfites. Suflites naturally occur in wine so, I'm sorry, but you shouldn't drink wine, even if it doesn't say "contains sulfites" on the label. Too risky. .
  • Dried fruit has more sulfites than wine. You should see a doctor for advice..
  • Do you get a headache with all wines, or just some wines? All wines. I never get a headache with European wines, only American wines.. I only get a headache with red wines..
  • Sorry, but you're probably allergic to alcohol and shouldn't drink wine. Don't blame the sulfites -- they can cause allergic reactions, but not headaches..
  • White wines on average contain more sulfites than reds. Whatever is bothering you, it isn't sulfites. Red wine has a lot of compounds that white wine doesn't have so you could be reacting to any of them. I'm sorry..
  • European wines do not contain less sulfites on average than American wines, but they do contain less alcohol on average. Pay attention to the alcohol percentage of what you're drinking. Also, try going to a wine shop and asking somebody knowledgeable for a small-production, less manipulated wine..

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