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Discovering Which Sites Your Target Audience Visits

Last updated 7 years ago First published 05 April, 2016

Identifying your target market is only one-fifth of the battle. If you want to win the proverbial war, you have to know your audience inside and out.

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Sunita Rani I am highly experienced in SMM,including Meetup,Facebook,Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, flicker,Google Plus ,Twitter,Blog etc.
  • Have You Identify those people who are part of your target audience? Yes. No.
  • You should identify those people..
  • Great! Have you collect search results? No. Yes.
  • Then you didn't find the domains that are ranking well consistently ..
  • You are on right path ! Have you visit for obvious reasons ? No. Yes.
  • But you should visit the ..
  • Good! Have you survey your target audience ? Yes. No.
  • You should survey your target audience..
  • Great!Are you identifying the marketing opportunity ? Yes. No.
  • On Goodreads they have an advertising platform , community discussion or commenting features. LitReactor had a great place where I could actually create an account ..
  • I can get involved in these sites and be visible to their audiences..