How to render the eBook "Troubleshooting: Why Bother?"

Last updated 7 years ago First published 20 August, 2016

Steve Litt is a troubleshooting expert. He has written several books.

His ebook "Troubleshooting: Why Bother?" is available for free on different formats. We've ported his decision tree available here:

Troubleshooting English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 9 nodes Possible solutions: 6
Ana M. Martín I love fashion and technology. Because of that I've created two startups: and
  • Do you want to read it on a computer? Yes. No.
  • Download the ePub file, and read it with Calibre.
  • Do you want to read it on a Kindle? Yes. No.
  • Choose the format you want to use. AZW3. Mobi.
  • Download the azw3 file, if it does't render correctly, go back and choose Mobi.
  • Download the Mobi file.
  • Do you want to read it on an iPhone / iPad? Yes. No.
  • Download de ePub file, read it with the iBooks app.
  • Do you want to read it on an Android? Yes. No, I want to read it on a different device.
  • Download the ePub file and read it with a suitable app.
  • Email Steve Litt.