How can I choose a leather jacket?

Last updated 7 years ago First published 13 March, 2016

Writer Patrick Allan gives us several recommendations to which elements should we take into consideration when we’re going to buy a leather jacket.

It is suitable for both men and women’s leather jackets.

This decision tree has been created based on his post

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  • Does it have high-cut armholes? No. Yes.
  • Bad idea. The armholes of the jacket should be as high as you can
    stand them. This gives you the most freedom of movement for your shoulders and arms.
  • Does it enhance your silhouette? No. Yes.
  • Make sure the shape of your jacket broadens your shoulders, slims your waist, makes your arms look proportional, and generally enhance your natural look. If not, move to the next one.
  • Which leather does it use? Cow leather. Lamb leather.
  • Ok, is the cheapest and most common, but it doesn't mean that it's bad ;-).
  • Great, is much softer and costs
    a little more, but it worths it! Which cut has been used? Genuine. Top grain. Full grain.
  • It's the lowest cut quality, but if you like it and fits in your budget, go and get it!.
  • It's a medium cut quality, so if you like it and fits in your budget, go and get it!.
  • It's the best cut quality, so if it fits in your budget, go and get it!.

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