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Getting Things Done

Last updated 8 years ago First published 15 May, 2016

This decision tree is based on the recommendations from David Allen's methodology "Getting Things Done". His methodology is so famous that it is known as "GTD" all around the world.

I have been using it for years and it's a great approach to accomplish all your tasks.

You can find more details about this methodology in his website

I really recommend you to read the book to embrace the idea.

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 11 nodes Possible solutions: 8
Ana M. Martín I love fashion and technology. Because of that I've created two startups: and
  • You have a new input. Does it require action? Yes. No.
  • How many actions does it require? Just one. More than one.
  • Create a PROJECT LIST, segregate all the tasks and repeat this process for each task.
  • Can be accomplished in less than 2 minutes? Yes. No.
  • DO IT!.
  • Can be accomplished by someone else? Yes. No.
  • DELEGATE IT and add a task in your WAITING LIST.
  • Can I do it today? No. Yes.
  • Add to your CALENDAR.
  • Add to your today's NEXT ACTIONS and prioritize.
  • Could be useful in the future? Yes. No.
  • Will I have to review it? Yes. No.
  • Add to your SOMEDAY LIST.