Commingled vs Non-Commingled

Last updated 5 years ago First published 21 February, 2017

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  • Do we want to create a commingled or non-commingled SKU? If in grocery, HPC, beauty, or SW we will want non-commingled.. Non-commingled. Commingled.
  • Does the product have a physical UPC that matches our desired ASIN? No. Yes.
  • Ok to build as is as commingled.
  • We'll need to create a non-commingled SKU and determine how labels will/can be applied..
  • Has the partner said yes to applying item labels? No. Yes.
  • Be sure that the SKUs pull through as non-commingled and proceed normally.
  • Can we opt into having AMZ apply item labels? No. Yes.
  • Build SKU and be sure to plug in the $.20 unit labeling fee into RATT for margin calc..
  • Is opp great enough to substantiate going to EPF for item label application? Or do all shipments from this partner already go to EPF? No. Yes.
  • Update all EPF costs for SKU and place note in SKU outlining what's needed at EPF. .
  • Place notes in RATT and ignore SKU accordingly..

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