Brandie Fariss Conservation Social Scientist
  • Does the community have rights to the territory/resource in question? Yes. No.
  • Do they have access and control rights? Yes. No.
  • Potential Action:.
  • Are these rights recognized? No. Yes.
  • Potential Action:.
  • Are these rights formalized? (i.e. mapped, titled). No. Yes.
  • Potential Action: Participatory mapping and support in obtaining title.
  • Do these rights grant legal authority over the territory/resource? Yes. No.
  • Potential Action:.
  • Does this include the right to consent? No. Yes.
  • Tenure Security High/Potential Risk Low.
  • Potential Action: : Work to create or strengthen existing policies related to FPIC.
  • Does the context exist to establish those rights? No. Yes.
  • Tenure Security Low//Potential Risk High: Without secure rights, other CBC strategies are at greater risk of failure.
  • Is the community aware of their rights? Yes. No.
  • Potential Action: Awareness campaign.
  • Are they interested in securing them? Yes. No.
  • Potential Action: Conduct situation analysis and develop a comprehensive tenure security strategy.
  • Potential Action: None.

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