When should painted red bus lane be included in RREP corridor deisgns?

Last updated 4 years ago First published 06 June, 2017

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  • Is the lane restructed 24/7? No. Yes.
  • Use signs and "bus only" lane markings.
  • Does the lane approach a congested highway/interstate on ramp, is it in a non-curb lane, do more than 30 buses per hour use the lane, or does the bus have a dedicated signal phase? No to All. Yes to any.
  • Use red paint (full block) and "bus only" lane markings.
  • Could a "reasonable" motorist accidentally end up in bus lane due to mixing, crossing, turn movements (from driveways or side streets) or lane configuration changes (such as start/end of BAT lane)? Yes. No.
  • Use red paint (at start/end of block or key locations) and "bus only" lane markings.
  • Use "bus only" lane markings.

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