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Last updated 5 years ago First published 26 July, 2017

English Rating: Above 18 Shortest path: 9 nodes Longest path: 15 nodes Possible solutions: 5
  • Thank you for calling HP Online Store. This is [CSR name]. Can I have your order number please? Customer provided Order Number.
  • Can I have your full name please? Thank you for that information. How may I help you today? [Let customer explain why he called].
  • I'm sorry to hear that, [Customer Name]. Let me check if I understand your concern correctly. [Paraphrase customer's concern]. Is my understanding correct? [Customer confirms you understood it correctly]. Thank you for confirming. Is it okay if I put you on hold for 2-3 mins while I check your concern? [Put customer on hold].
  • Is it ORDER STATUS concern? NO. YES.
  • Click here for Order Status Decision Tree.
  • Is it CLAIMS? NO. YES.
  • Click here for CLAIMS Decision Tree.
  • Is it CAREPACK related? YES. NO.
  • Click here for CAREPACK Decision tree.
  • Is it about PROMOTIONS? NO. YES.
  • Click here for PROMOTIONS decision tree.
  • Route the query to correct department.

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