Which Focus Area Concentration is Right for You?

Last updated 6 years ago First published 24 September, 2016

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  • What is more important to you? Finishing your degree as quickly as possible?. Being able to customize your degree?.
  • What are your interests? You would prefer to focus primarily on excelling in the workplace.. You have broad interests and are excited by taking classes on history, science, art, psychology, and business..
  • Consider the Professional Studies Concentration..
  • Consider the General Studes Concentration..
  • What is your goal? You want to accomplish a specifc goal like developing a non-for-profit or business, writing a book, or creating workplace training .. You want to prepare for graduate school.. You like to pick and choose courses of interst to you as you go. . You want to enter a new career area..
  • Consider the individualized Concentration..
  • Consider the General Studies Concentration..
  • Do you know what this new area will be? You are not sure what this new career will be.. You know what want to do..
  • Consider the Individalized Concentration..
  • Consider the Professional Studies Concentration.
  • Have you gotten started? You are not sure what kind of gradute school.. You have completed signifcant coursework in this area already..
  • Consider the Professional Studies Concentration..
  • Consider the Individualized Concentration..