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Business English Rating: Above 18 Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 9 nodes Possible solutions: 15
  • What industry are you in? Transportation. Construction. Other. Chemical. Oil and Gas. C&E. Manufacturing. Utilities/Power Gen. Waste Management. Government.
  • Here kitty!.
  • Chemicals are good.
  • Bring donuts.
  • Ciao.
  • Too bad.
  • Too bad.
  • Too bad.
  • Too bad.
  • Surprise!.
  • What kind of utility. Water. Power.
  • Too bad.
  • What kind of water. Other. Wastewater. Drinking.
  • Call Jamie in Westfield.
  • Call Betsy in Savannah.
  • Where. West Coast Or Internatinoal. Central US. East Coast.
  • Call Mark in Canton.
  • Call Betsy in Irvine.
  • Cal Dave in Savannah.

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