Abhijit Pakhare Public Health Expert
  • Do you want to compare exposures or interventions? Yes. No.
  • Case series or Descriptive findings.
  • Are you assigning the interventions/exposures? No. Yes.
  • Are you going to randomise? Yes. No.
  • Quasi-experimental Study.
  • What is the unit of randomisation? Communities or Group. Individual.
  • Randomized Controlled Trial.
  • Cluster Randomized Trial.
  • Are you comparing more than one group? No. Two or More Groups.
  • Before-After or Time Interrupted Study.
  • Whether exposure and outcome is measured at the same time? Yes. No.
  • Cross-sectional study.
  • Whether groups were assiged based on outcome? No. Yes.
  • Case-control study.
  • Cohort Study.