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International Student Scheduling (Rough Example)

Last updated 7 years ago First published 21 February, 2017

international,student,orientation,new English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 5 nodes Possible solutions: 8
  • Which college were you accepted into? College of Liberal Arts. Eberly College of Science. DUS.
  • What is your intended major? Psychology. Criminology. Comparative Literature .
  • We recommend you take Psych 100, Eng 15, etc..
  • We recommend you take Crim 100, English 15, etc. .
  • We recommend you take English 15 and a General Humanities Credit. (Also include other "recommendations" for Gen Eds. Ideally, next step in module would help students choose gen eds by interests.).
  • What is your intended major? Biology. Physics.
  • We recommend you take Biology 110, Math 140, etc. .
  • We recommend you take Phys 211, Math 140, etc. .
  • What college are you interested in? College. College. Exploring.
  • Same as rest of tree.
  • Same as rest of tree.
  • Link to MajorQuest.