Choosing a Gen Ed (New Student)

Last updated 4 years ago First published 21 February, 2017

General,Educations English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 5 nodes Possible solutions: 5
  • What are you interested in? Art and Design . Human Behavior .
  • Choose a Category. General Humanities. General Art.
  • Design Thinking and Creativity, Interactive Learning and Web-Design, Introduction to Visual Studies, etc..
  • Introduction to Video Game Culture, World Mythologies in the Arts, etc. .
  • Choose a Category. General Natural Science. General Health and Physical Activity (GHA). General Science (GS).
  • Intercultural Community-BuildingInfant and Child Development, Adolescent Development, Adult Development and Aging, International Relations, etc. .
  • Values and Health Behavior, ntroduction to Biobehavioral Health, Drugs, Behavior, and Health, etc. .
  • Humans as Primates, Genes, Evolution and Behavior, Honey Bees and Humans, etc..

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