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How Should I get there?

Last updated 8 years ago First published 13 September, 2016

English Rating: Above 18 Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 9 nodes Possible solutions: 7
  • Do you want to drive? yes. no.
  • What do you need room for? Just me. people or stuff.
  • Do you want to drive a piece of junk? yes. no.
  • Car2Go.
  • ReachNow.
  • What type of trip? 1 way and park. multi stop.
  • ReachNow.
  • How is the parking? reasonable. impossible.
  • ReachNow.
  • Car2Go.
  • Do you want to be outside? yes. No.
  • walk / bike.
  • Bus / Uber.

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