Device blocked state

Last updated 5 years ago First published 08 November, 2017

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 19 nodes Possible solutions: 12
  • Is in Developer mode. No. Yes.
  • Do we see the welcome Screen ? No. Yes.
  • Access Wifi or Data Setting from the UI.
  • Is older FL ? No. Yes.
  • Access Settings thru internet test (v1.11.0) or thru Dialer konami code in the Dashboard.
  • Is data Off, Wifi Off ? No. Yes.
  • Access Wifi Settings from the Settings card in Dashboard.
  • Is Wifi On ? Yes. No (we assueme data is on with no APN).
  • Is Famoco access provisioned ? No. Yes.
  • Use Famoco Hotspot.
  • Back to APN.
  • Can we use a public APN SIM ? No. Yes.
  • Replace SIM card with a one using public APN.
  • Is NFC on ? Yes. No.
  • Use TAG to start Settings or NFC beam.
  • Do we have access to keyboard ? No. Yes.
  • Access Settings thru keyboard.
  • Do we have device update installed ? No. Yes.
  • Do OTA with USB OTG.
  • Try to Factory reset thru recovery or bootloader.
  • Is in Auto Launch ? No. Yes.
  • Remove Auto-launcher from Dashboard and access Settings from the Launcher.
  • Access Settings from Launcher.

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