Am I satisfied with this line of poetry?

Last updated 6 years ago First published 15 November, 2017

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 9 nodes Possible solutions: 9
  • Does this line create a vivid and clear image in the mind of a reader by using sensory description? Yes. No.
  • Does the line use phrases that are cliche or that I have heard more than once before? Yes. No.
  • Can I tweak the phrasing or change a word(s) to make it more original? Yes. No.
  • Tweak the line.
  • Is the line still important despite it's slightly cliche nature? Yes. No.
  • Keep the line but make sure that your next line is especially original to balance out this line..
  • Write a different line that is less cliche..
  • Does the line complement the line that came before in tone and style and create interesting and complex resonance with what came before? Yes. No.
  • Marvelous! Write the next line..
  • Adjust and/or rewrite the line so it does..
  • Is the idea. concept, or feeling powerful enough that it needs to be conveyed? Yes. No.
  • Edit or rewrite the line..
  • Is it phrased in the most concise and precise way possible? Yes. No.
  • Edit or rewrite the line..
  • Are you sure? Yes. No.
  • Marvelous! Move on to the next line but make sure it appeals to the senses since this one was so abstract..
  • Edit and/or rewrite the line..

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