Kate Monahan I manage an IT Communications team.
  • Will the site's content be internal to NYU IT staff ONLY? No. Yes.
  • Create the page in NYU IT Wikis (support available from IT Service Desk), or contact Annie Merkle to have it added to the NYU IT Staff Wiki.
  • Does it relate to a public, in-production NYU IT service or intiative? Yes. No.
  • Is it an FAQ or set of instructions? No. Yes.
  • The service owner should create one or more kb articles and should then contact IT Communication to link them from the NYU IT website.
  • IT Communications will work with CM and/or service owner to create it in the NYU IT website.
  • Does it relate to a project, service, or initiative in an early phase? Yes. No.
  • Contact NYU IT Communications for a consultation.
  • Is it part of an official project in ProjTrak? Yes. No.
  • Change Management will create it in Web Publishing with the standard template and a limited audience (these sites can not be public). They will move to the NYU IT website when public..
  • NYU IT Communications will determine whether to feature on NYU IT website or help set team up with Web Publishing site..

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