MassDoT Drone Support Checklist. Issues to consider are frequency of use, whether others can share the vehicle, and mission complexity.

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  • Who owns will own (or currently owns) the drone? We plan to use a vendor. Our Organization has one. We want to use one from MassDOT.
  • Do you have an FAA Certificate of Authorization? Yes. No.
  • Do you need an FAA waiver to operate? Yes. No.
  • Contact Mass DoT Aeronautics at XXX-XXX-XXXX.
  • Perform an Operational Risk Assessment at; .
  • Do you have drone pilots certified under Part 107? Yes. No.
  • Do you need an FAA Waiver? Yes or Unsure. No.
  • Contact Mass DoT at XXX XXX XXXX to coordinate a waiver..
  • Perform an Operational Risk Assessment and Notify Mass DoT Aeronautics.
  • Do you plan to hire a drone pilot / operator. No. Yes.
  • Go back to the start and follow the options for Vendor Solution.
  • You need a certified drone pilot/operator if you are going to use your organizational vehicles. Go to www.XXX for more information.
  • Have you selected a vendor? No. Yes.
  • Contact MassDoT Aeronautics at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Get assistance with scope determination, selecting a vendor, and determining whether there are existing contracts that will serve your objectives. .
  • Is this a vendor authorized by MassDOT Aeronautics? Yes. No/Not yet/Not sure.
  • Contact MassDoT Aeronautics at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Obtain requirements for approved vendors, download contract checklist, and review best practices. .
  • Have you used this vendor previously? No/Not sure. Yes.
  • Review vendor contract template, review best practices, and perform Operational Risk Management checklist at
  • Contact MassDoT to determine if there are existing contracts with vendor. Coordinate contract template, review best practices and perform Operational Risk Management Checklist..
  • Contact Mass DoT Aeronautics at XXX-XXX-XXX and ask them whether this can be done with existing contracts.. Doable by existing drone contracts. Doable with DoT assets. Requires different drone solution.
  • Coordinate requirements with DoT aeronautics. Fill out questionnaire and Operational Risk Management assessment.
  • Coordinate requirements with DoT Aeronautics for execution under existing contract. Determine scope, schedule, and coordinate funding..
  • Go back to decision tree and pursue Vendor option..

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