Abbie's Glove Questionare

Last updated 4 years ago First published 22 March, 2017

Technology English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 13 nodes Possible solutions: 11
  • Do you need to protect your hands. NO. YES.
  • you need fashion gloves.
  • Do they need to be water proof? YES. NO.
  • Are you operating? No. YES.
  • I suggest sergical gloves.
  • You should use dishwashing gloves.
  • Is your surrounding cold? NO. YES.
  • Without hesitation you need cold weather gloves.
  • Do you need a grip? NO. YES.
  • Are you working with sport equipment? NO. YES.
  • I recomend sport gloves????!.
  • Are you planting? NO. YES.
  • Bad luck! there must have been a fault in the questioning system. Try again.
  • You are fit for gardening gloves..
  • Are you dealing with heat? YES. NO.
  • Are you working in a kitchen? NO. Yes.
  • You must have to cooking gloves.
  • DUN DUN !!! you have to start again!????.
  • Are you getting dirty? NO. YES.
  • You need gardening gloves. Woo hoo!.
  • Sorry, you have to go back to the start!.

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