• Is it a book? YES. NO.
  • Does it have a PPS ESL LIBRARY barcode sticker? NO. YES.
  • Is it a CBELD binder? NO. YES.
  • If you will be teaching CBELD next year, please keep your binder for future use..
  • Anything with an ESL Library barcode sticker can be returned to the ESL Library. However, the majority of these materials can be kept indefinitely, as long as you are teaching ESL for PPS. We can just renew them year after year. Exceptions are some PD books, and Native Language books. Email ESLLIBRARY@PPS.NET..
  • Does it have a PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS barcode sticker? NO. YES.
  • This book belongs to the Textbooks Department. You can pony it to TEXTBOOKS @ BESC. Please DO NOT sent it to the ESL Library..
  • Does it have a barcode with a school's name? NO. YES.
  • You should return the book to that library..
  • Please contact the ESL Library for advice..
  • Is it equipment/technology? NO. YES.
  • Are they Testing Headsets? NO. YES.
  • Unless they have an PPS ESL LIBRARY barcode sticker, headsets should be sent to "TESTING HELP @ BESC". ESL headsets can be sent to ESL LIBRARY @ BESC..
  • Do you have suitable packaging in which to return the equipment? NO. YES.
  • You can pony the item back to ESL LIBRARY@BESC..
  • Email ESLLIBRARY@PPS.NET and I will send you a box or case in which to return the equipment..
  • Is it a CBELD kit? NO. YES.
  • Leave the kit in your pony pickup area and the pony driver will deliver it to the Science Kits Warehouse..
  • Is it a CBELD component that you forgot to return with your kit? YES. NO.
  • Please address this to SCIENCE KITS@BESC and leave it in your PONY pickup area..
  • Is it a CBELD cardstock set? NO. YES.
  • If you will be teaching CBELD next year, please keep your cardstock for future use..
  • Please email ESLLIBRARY@PPS.NET for advice about your item..

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