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  • Are you on the time pressure? YES!. NO....
  • Add "More information" section, add links there. After publishing the article migrate the links to the links section following the "I'm not under time pressure" guidelines..
  • Do you want to link to an ABB resource or to an external resource? ABB resource. External.
  • Add the link in the article body: 1) link the keyword in the article body; 2) add "More information" section, put the link there..
  • What exactly are you linking to? Web page. Video. Infografic. Other. Image. PDF.
  • 1) embed video in the article body (when available); 2) use generic video icon..
  • Download it, add to "Downloads" section.
  • Embed the image in the article body (it will be automatically adjusted), add hi-res version to "Downloads" section, clearly mark it as "Hi-res", add size in MB..
  • 1) download it, add to "Downloads" section; 2) link keyword in the article body; 3) add "More information" section, add link there..
  • 1) embed infographic in the article body as an image; 2) download it, add to "Downloads" section; 3) add "More information" section, add it there..
  • What is the type of the web page? Other press release, web story or featured article.. Microsite. Service page. Product page. External web site.
  • Search Imagebank for product image.
  • Search Imagebank for service image.
  • Search Imagebank for keyword related to the microsite topic..
  • 1) Get an image from the page you're linking to, check out if it has high resolution version attached in the "Downloads" section; 2) Search imagebank for related images..
  • No cheating, please! Links to external websites should be in the article body!.

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