• Is the client Opted-in ? yes. No.
  • Is there an obligation to run the campaign within its DSP account ? Yes !. Not that I am aware of....
  • PBU, but discuss it with Simon.
  • Is he insisting specifically on having the media-costs and detailed costs of its campaigns ? Yes, he is. No or Not specifically.
  • Go for Xaxis.
  • Did he received a presentation over Xaxis and the products ? Yes. No, not yet.
  • That means something is not clear enough for him. Check with Simon to organize a meeting with him. If it cannot be done before the start, then go for PBU this time..
  • Do we have enough time for a 1h meeting before the start ? Too short. Yes, that might be possible.
  • Let's present them Xaxis and suggest a test campaign.
  • Go for PBU for this campaign, but let's present them Xaxis.
  • Is he open to test Xaxis ? or against Xaxis ? i think there are some global discussion. No, he does not want to hear about it. Yes, he's open.
  • Check with Simon.
  • PBU.
  • Check with Simon.

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