E Andrews TeleMedicine company looking at decision tree options.
  • How did the patient arrive? Walk In. EMS/Ambulance. In Patient.
  • Is the customer on anticoagulants. No. Yes.
  • This Candidate is not applicable for alteplase..
  • Have you performed the NIH Stroke Scale. No. Yes.
  • Solution.
  • Did you follow LB2S2 for Premixing? Yes. No.
  • Solution.
  • Are you following Best Practices for EMS Stroke Alert? No. YEs.
  • Solution.
  • Solution.
  • How was the stroke alert notified? Family. Nurse.
  • Solution.
  • Solution.
  • How did the patient present? Slurred Speach. No Obvious Presentations.
  • NIH Stroke Scale.
  • SAVES.

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