What Model STB are you working with

Last updated 6 years ago First published 08 November, 2016

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 9 nodes Possible solutions: 10
  • What Market? KS. East. California.
  • Model number should be on Left side of STB after "Exploer".
  • Is the STB Black or Silver. Black. Silver.
  • Is there a Time Display. Yes. No.
  • Is the Red Stripe on the Top or Bottom of the STB. Bottom. Top.
  • Broadcom Amulet 455.
  • Broadcom Amulet 505.
  • Is this STB small, like the size of a Coaster. Yes. No.
  • Broadcom Kamai (Not a DVR).
  • Broadcom Amulet 350 (Not a DVR).
  • Is There a Time Display? Yes. No.
  • Sigma Amulet.
  • On the Top of the STB between the words "Entone" and "Dolby Digital" Does it say URC ? Yes. Answer.
  • Sigma Hydra HDv B.
  • Sigma Hydra HDv A.
  • Is the STB Black or Silver. Silver. Black.
  • Pace 8005, or Pace 8010 (Model should be on bottom left of STB).
  • Motorola VIP 1200 (Not a DVR), 1216, or 1232 (Model should be on bottom left of STB).

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