HWI Troubleshooting Flow Chart

Last updated 4 years ago First published 20 April, 2018

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 13 nodes Possible solutions: 8
Caitlin McNeill Marketing
  • Does pilot light? Yes. No.
  • Temp solution.
  • Does main burner light? Temp. Yes.
  • Temp.
  • Does burner light intermittently? Yes. Temp.
  • Temp.
  • Is pilot flame too small? Yes. No.
  • Main burner burns extended time and then cuts out. Yes. No.
  • Return valve box for repair.
  • Does unit have ventilation in enclosure? No. Yes.
  • Return valve box for repair.
  • Install ventilation in enclosure.
  • Is there too much media over blow-out box? No. Yes.
  • Remove media from around blow-out box.
  • Check gas pressure and/or clean/replace pilot orifice.

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