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  • What should initial Advice Seeker (AS) audience segment be? Volunteer Boards. New Entrepreneuers. Existing small businesses.
  • Is there a need for this service? Yes. No.
  • Do not Pursue.
  • Are there enough potential customers? Yes. No.
  • Do not pursue.
  • What's the mean/cost for acquiring clients? Low. Medium/High.
  • Do not pursue.
  • Pursue? Yes!.
  • Make a Ruckus!- (and/or Improve the process!).
  • (See Tree Limbs to the left, These limbs will replicate those Qs). (See left).
  • (See Left).
  • (See tree limbs to the left) These limbs will replicate those Qs). (See left).
  • (See left).

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