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See how it works!
Benefits of iBoske
iBoskers will help you on your decision making...
  • Immediate

    Because you don't have time to post your question to a Q&A website, and wait for a response

  • Anytime

    No matter what time is it, the community experts have already uploaded their expertise and is ready to use

  • Fast

    Because you don't have time to read a long blog post or a plenty of information website

  • Anywhere

    Use from your desktop, tablet or smartphone

  • Quick

    Because you don't want to waste your time registering to obtain an answer

  • Experiential

    Use the expertise of the community

  • Specific

    Thanks to our questions, the answer fits exactly your case

  • Straightforward

    You don't need to see the complete tree, just click the answers which best fit your situation to receive the advice

Try it now!
iBoske helps
  • Website Owners

    Embed it and help your visitors choose the product which best fits their needs without losing SEO

  • Professionals

    Gain reputation and prestige as an expert showing your decision trees on your social networks

  • Anyone

    Give back to the community what you’ve learned and help other people make the best decision

Do you have a blog or website? Did you know that...

You get up to 94% more views if you add graphics to your content?*

*According to MDG Advertising

You get up to 37% more engagement if you add graphics to your content?*

*According to Hubspot about likes, retweets, shares, and other signs of engagement

Infographic search have increased by over 800% in just over 2 years?*

*According to NeoMam Studios
And don't worry, iBoske is unparalleled...
  • Easy

    iBoske arranges the nodes automatically, so the layout looks perfect

  • Effortless

    Unlike survey tools, iBoske easily configures and adapts according to user answers

  • Better

    A decision tree gives better responses than a FAQ or an survey tool

Everyone is good at something, share your expertise!