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“iBoske” Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy

Updated 1st May 2018.

These use conditions cover the user rights and responsibilities in the “iBoske” website (from now on, “the website”). Access and usage of this website imply the complete acceptance with no reserve of these conditions.

Website Owner

Trademark “iBoske”, its logo, the domain and the website “iBoske” are registered and are a property of Ámbito Plural S.L. (from now on, “the Company”), with CIF B-93.328.334, enrolled in the Commercial Registry of Málaga.

You can contact the Company through its:

  • Postal address:

Ámbito Plural S.L.

P.O. Box 20002

29720 La Cala del Moral (Málaga) - SPAIN

  • E-mail:



  • The website: We refer in this way to the website (accessed by any method)

  • This website: We refer in this way to the website (accessed by any method)

  • The Company: We refer in this way to Ámbito Plural S.L.

  • This Company: We refer in this way to Ámbito Plural S.L.

  • LOPD: Spanish Organic Law of Personal Data Protection 15/1999, 13th of December. Also known as Personal Data Act.

  • RLOPD: Spanish Royal Decree 1720/2007, 21th December, which approves the development decree of LOPD.

  • User: The person who access the website, but hasn’t registered yet.

  • Registered user: The person with the right age (refer to the section “Access to the Service”), in his own name or as a company representative, who access the website and has provided (directly or from one of his social network profiles) data which identifies him unambiguously. It includes the “user” concept. A registered user is also known as “iBosker”.

  • Subscribed user: The registered user who has hired some of the paid Services provided by this website. It includes the “registered user” concept.

  • iBosker: We refer in this way to a registered user.

  • Account: Where all the information of a registered user is stored in this website.

  • Username: Is the identification of a registered user.

  • Newsletter user: The user (which can also be a user, registered user or subscribed user on this website) who has required to belong to the newsletter list of recipients of iBoske’s newsletter.

  • Social network: This defines websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Cookie: Is a little text file which, sometimes, a website sends to a user when he visits the website. Its aim is to register the user visit and store some information about it.

  • Channel: Is the registered user or subscribed user site from which he shows his experience and knowledge (profile) and one of the places where the decision trees that he has created are listed and shared with the rest of iBoske users.

  • Advertiser: Is the third party not related to iBoske which provides contents to be shown in the reserved spaces for advertisement in iBoske’s website and apps.

  • Remarketing: Is a technique used by advertising networks which, based on the content that a user has viewed when browsing a website, can identify a possible interest on the user and show related advertisement in other independent websites.

  • 2Checkout: Also known as 2CO is the payment gateway currently used by iBoske to process any payment transaction.


Purpose of the Website

The purpose of the website iBoske is to facilitate applied knowledge sharing, through decision trees.


Acceptance of Terms of Use

The contents of this site, by any method by which they are accessed (through a web browser, through an application for mobile phones, using an embedded viewer, etc.) are regulated by these conditions.

Services and functionality of this website are provided as is shown and as according to its availability.

Therefore, access and/or use of this website constitutes acceptance manifests of all these conditions.

If you do not agree with these terms of use, please do not use our website.

Users who register on this website and become registered users are signing a legally binding agreement (even if you are using our Services on behalf of a company).

These Terms of Use may be amended, superseded or complemented by technical reasons, for legal reasons, changes in the provision of Services, etc. Thus the online version of the same is always the last accepted version. If they are changed, registered users will be notified in any of the following means: through the website itself or by mail. If a registered user does not agree with the new conditions, you can unsubscribe from the Service by following the procedure qualified to do so. If a registered user continues to use the Service under the new conditions of use it shall be deemed to accept them.

It may be the case that certain Services of the website require particular conditions of use which, as applicable, will substitute, complete and/or modify the present conditions of use (in case of conflict, shall prevail particular conditions of use above these general use conditions). In that case, those particular conditions of use will be presented to the user, which the user will also accept when he uses those Services.

If we do not act in breach of this Agreement, it doesn’t mean that iBoske has waived its right to enforce the agreement in court. You can’t assign or transfer this Agreement (or your account or Services usage) to anyone without our consent. However, you agree that iBoske can yield this Agreement to a party which buys it without your consent.


Service Cost

For users and registered users, the services of this website are provided without any cost, ie at zero cost. Check with your Internet service or mobile phone provider the costs of their services, which may be necessary for the use of this website, which are unrelated to this website.

Subscribed users must agree to specific conditions to establish the cost of services.

You are not authorized to use iBoske for commercial purposes. If you want to use iBoske for commercial purposes, you must become a subscribed user.



iBoske currently provides two paid services:

  • Download: This service is provided on a pay-per-use. The registered user has to pay for each decision tree (which has been enabled by its creator to be downloaded) that wants to download.
  • Subscription: This service is paid on a monthly or annual basis and iBoske will bill the registered user in advance for the use of the services.

Current pricing for Download and Subscription levels are as set forth on the iBoske website, and iBoske reserves the right to modify pricing at any time, provided however that iBoske will notify the registered user of a Subscription account by email prior to any monthly or annual price increase affecting that account. You may choose to discontinue your Subscription account at any time; however, iBoske does not issue refunds for unused subscription periods.

When you perform a payment on iBoske, the transaction is re-directed securely from our website to 2Checkout’s payment site. You must agree to their terms and conditions (which may be found here: before paying for any of our services. 2Checkout will inform us once your payment has been accepted.

You agree to maintain valid and up-to-date billing information on file with 2Checkout. You may update this information at (you can find further information in our Help Center).

When 2Checkout is used, your financial information is not shared with iBoske. Once directed to 2Checkout site, 2Checkout is charged with protecting your personal and financial information. Your 2Checkout account and any activities related thereto shall be subject to 2Checkout’s terms and conditions and any information provided to 2Checkout in relation thereto will be governed by 2Checkout’s privacy policy.

All prices are shown in U.S. dollars unless otherwise indicated on the subscription pricing page or invoice. During the payment process, you can change to any of the currencies currently offered by 2Checkout.

As iBoske has no access to your financial information, if you want an invoice please visit as explained in our Help Center.



For any subscription, the services will be automatically renewed for an additional month or year, respectively.
You may choose to discontinue your Subscription account at any time on your "My Plan" page; however, iBoske does not issue refunds for unused subscription periods. Once your current subscription expires:
  • All your decision trees will become unpublished.
  • Once you stop using any enhanced feature, you will be able to publish them again.
If you subscribed for one month, you will be billed monthly on the same day you subscribed initially.
If you subscribed for one year, you will be billed annually on the same day and month you subscribed initially.

Changes to the subscription

You may choose to change your plan, term or number of decision trees at any time on your "My Plan" page.
Changes in the number of decision trees are applied at the very same moment.
Changes on the plan or term are applied once the current plan expires.
iBoske will endeavour to notify you if your paid account has delinquent fees. If delinquent fees are not paid, iBoske will notify you and, if after 7 calendar days the payment hasn't been performed, will downgrade your account to a Free iBoske account and/or suspend your use of the Services.
Once your current plan becomes Free:
  • All your decision trees will become unpublished.
  • Once you stop using any enhanced feature, you will be able to publish them again.


You are responsible for any taxes, duties, and customs fees associated with the sale of the Services (other than iBoske’s income tax) (collectively “Taxes”), and you will pay iBoske for the Services without any reduction for Taxes. If iBoske is obligated to collect or pay Taxes, the Taxes will be invoiced to you, unless you provide iBoske with a valid tax exemption certificate authorized by the appropriate taxing authority. If you are required by law to withhold any Taxes from your payments to iBoske, you must provide iBoske with an official tax receipt or other appropriate documentation to support such payments.


We stand behind our service and your satisfaction with them is important to us. However, because our products are digital goods delivered via Internet download (such as a decision tree download as a JPG or PDF file) we generally offer no refunds.
When we provide you with services (for example the Subscription plan), as those services can be interrupted but not returned, we can't provide you with a refund.


Service Access

Access to this website is intended to be from any Internet-connected device, so, to access, the user must have an Internet connection, which iBoske doesn’t provide. We are not responsible for the problems of access to the Internet, or incompatibility with certain browsers or devices, or limitations that may be imposed by your Internet service provider.

Individuals of Spanish nationality who wish to be registered, pursuant to the provisions of Article 13 of RLOPD, must be over 14 years old, that is, have at least completed 14 years of age and one day. Similarly, pursuant to the provisions of Article 401 of the Spanish Organic Law 10/1995 of 23 November, the Criminal Code, they should not impersonate someone else.

It is FORBIDDEN to use this website Services to persons who have not attained the minimum age at least, this being:

  • 18 years for users of the PRC (People's Republic of China).

  • 16 years for users in the Netherlands.

  • 14 years for users of Spain, USA (United States of America), Canada, Germany, Australia and South Korea.

  • 13 years for users of all other countries.

By accepting these terms, the user declares having passed the minimum age.

However, if the relevant legislation requires that you must be older than the previously stated in these conditions so iBoske can lawfully provide you with its Services, then the minimum age is that other age.

In Spain, the age of majority is reached after the age of 18 years, considering therefore that those people over 14 but under 18 are below the age of majority. However, in other countries the age of majority is attained at a different age. Registered users must indicate in their registered user profile if you have exceeded the majority or not, as prescribed by law in their country of nationality.

It is FORBIDDEN to provide data from third parties without their explicit consent. By accepting these conditions the registered user declares to be who he says.

Individuals should not be registered with multiple user accounts, only one.

iBoske team can contact at any time any registered user to ask him for a proof of identity and/or that he is older than 14 years. In that case, we will request a photocopy of the DNI (Spanish ID card), passport or equivalent supporting document, which should provide us by any means (e-mail, letter, etc.) within the time directed. If you do not respond to this request or do not reliably prove their identity and/or the minimum age for access, iBoske will be provided to lock and/or terminate your user account.

The purpose of the treatment of the DNI or equivalent certifying document will be only to verify the identity and age of the registered user.

In case anyone knows that a registered user on this website is under 14 years, which has supplanted the identity of a third party, or is failing in any way to these Terms of Use, please contact the iBoske team to inform us via the e-mail If we are informed that a registered user is under 14 years or who has supplanted the identity of a third party, we will require him the verification of his age and identity as we have indicated above.

It is recommended that registered users older than 14 but under 18 consult their parents or legal guardians these conditions and the use of this website. iBoske’s team makes every effort to make this website compliant with the legal requirements and good manners, but we can’t guarantee that full compliance by all users of the same.

iBoske's team may inform and cooperate with the competent law enforcement authorities if detected spoofing that might involve the commission of a crime.

iBoske reserves the right to refuse admission, and has the power to unilaterally cancel at any time without notice those user accounts that don’t comply with the appropriate use of our Services, and can unpublish or remove those decision trees with content considered inadequate.

Registered users agree to make reasonable use of the website and its content, not be used in any area of the website or profile on social networks discriminatory or offensive language, and act according to the principles of good faith, morality, public order and any guidelines that, in relation to access and make use of this site, set iBoske.

Failure to meet any of these conditions will provide iBoske to block and/or terminate your account as a registered or subscribed user.


Personal Data Protection

To be a registered user you must provide identification data, which is considered personal data. It is FORBIDDEN to provide false information, because we may need your information to verify your age, for example.

In compliance with Article 5.1 of the LOPD, we inform you that your personal data as a registered user will become part of the file "Registered users" which shall belong to this company, the latter being duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (

Since the data of registered users are provided by the users themselves, and iBoske offers the users the tools to update or correct such data in compliance with the provisions of Article 4.3 of the LOPD, it is the user's responsibility to maintain accurate and updated his user data so that they respond truthfully to his current situation.

iBoske won’t be responsible, therefore, for the inaccuracies that may exist in that data.

In compliance with the provisions of Article 4.1 of the LOPD, data collection can’t be excessive. This is why we inform you of the purpose for which we collect your personal information:

  • Identification data (full name): It is necessary to identify the person using the Service.

  • Age of Majority: We need it to hide content that other users have marked as not suitable for children under the legal age. We will not be responsible for shown content inappropriate for your age if I fake it.

  • E-mail: Needed to contact you when, for example, you want to reset your forgotten password, if we modify these conditions of use, etc.

  • DNI (photocopy): It is necessary to establish a registered user identity and age, only in those cases where it is necessary.

  • Location: Needed to show decision trees related to your current location.

Therefore, the purpose for which we collect and treat your personal data is indicated in the "Purpose of the website" and "Acceptance of Terms of Use", and we add the study of preferences. To improve our services, users will be segmented and iBoske will learn from users elections, a circumstance that the user agrees by accepting these conditions.

Please be advised that iBoske will NEVER transmit or lease to third parties your personal data. Any information that we may provide to a third party will be separate from any identifying information or which could make you identifiable.

For iBoske’s team is a priority the protection of personal data of our registered users. For your information, as stipulated in Article 81.2.f) of the RLOPD, the personal data that we store and manage from our registered users is considered “middle”.

If we detect false or incorrect information, iBoske is be provided to lock and/or terminate the user's account.

This personal data protection policy applies to both the personal data you input in your profile, as to those obtained from your social media profiles, and as to which you can provide us while your use of the Services present and/or future of this website.

In case a registered user provides personal data from a third party to this website, you must first ask the third party's consent.

In case a registered user provides information about a company, whether themselves or others, will be the responsibility of the said publication of information, not being considered iBoske responsible for any information published nor the opinions expressed by the same.

The registered user may provide personal information when creating his profile, entering comments, etc., in such cases registered user is responsible to control personal information they share with other users through this website, so we recommend caution.

We inform you that you may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your personal data by e-mail to or by mail to the address listed under "Website Owner", sending:

  • DNI, passport or identity document photocopy.

  • The right you want to practice (access, rectification -indicating the data to modify-, cancellation or opposition).

  • Reply address (e-mail or postal address).

Similarly, you can contact us to discuss any questions you may arise through



This website uses cookies so, while you browse the site, we can have anonymous access statistics to the site, improve the user experience analyzing browsing, and once you've logged in, keep your user session (meet who you are to show your decision trees, your followers, etc.). Therefore, by accepting the terms and conditions of this website, you agree that we and the service providers that we have contracted send you cookies.

Our cookies do not store personal data, and we can’t identify you with them.

If you want more information about cookies, you can consult, for example, Wikipedia.

The cookies that we use are:



More information






Collects anonymous information about users' browsing the website in order to know the origin of the visits and similar statistical data.

If you do not wish to accept these cookies, visit Google Analytics exclusion system.

Google Analytics privacy.



Identifies the registered user once logged.

The use of this cookie is essential to provide the Services that this website offers you as a registered user.

These terms and conditions.


As an additional guarantee to the already exposed, the registration may be subject to your acceptance of cookies during installation or update of browser used, and this acceptance may at any time be revoked by the configuration options about content and privacy available in your web browser.



In order to offer you a better service, we may use geolocation tools through the application for smartphones (for which we will ask your permission).

With this information, we can offer you decision trees about places and shops next to you.


Decision Tree Sharing on Social Networks

iBoske allows you to share on your favourite social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) your decision trees. Since they are third parties not related to iBoske, we are not responsible for the information you post, and we have no control over what you post, nor with how many people you share it, so we recommend you to have caution. This also applies to public decision trees from other people which you may want to share also.


Social Networks

iBoske has a profile in the major social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), recognized in all cases responsible for processing the data of his followers, fans, subscribers, commentators and other user profiles (hereinafter followers). The treatment that iBoske will carry out with that data will not exceed the one that the social network allows for corporate profiles. iBoske may inform his supporters by any means that the network allows on its services. iBoske can extract data from social networks on their followers, with the limit of the data that is public and that the follower has expressly shared with iBoske.



In order to provide greater security, iBoske encrypts communications so your password never travels over the Internet unprotected. In addition, we store your password encrypted, so that we don’t know it, so if you forget it we can’t recover it, but we can send you a new one to your email account.

Therefore, the registered user is responsible for:

  • choosing a complex password (uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols and a minimum length of 8 characters),

  • adequately safeguarding his password (or his profile on a social network, if you registered that way), and

  • keeping it confidential.

All the security that iBoske can provide is useless if you do not care the privacy of your password. For this reason, we recommend:

  • Do not share your password with anyone, we will never ask you for it.

  • Change your password frequently.

  • Do not enter your password if someone else can see it.

  • If you use a computer, use an updated antivirus.

  • If you use a shared computer, beware that your password isn’t stored in the web browser and that there isn’t a program that can capture your keyboard input.


E-mail Notifications

iBoske offers registered users various mechanisms to receive email notifications, such as password reset service when users have forgotten it.

For this reason, it is essential that you provide a valid e-mail, and that you verify that emails you receive from iBoske are not blocked by some anti-spam system.

Other Services that we offer to our users via e-mail is to send notices for updates of the decision trees that you like, for the creation of new decision trees by iBoskers you like, for new decision trees on topics that have interested you before, etc.

These and other services that iBoske can offer you to keep you informed through your e-mail can be configured through your user profile on the website.

You understand and agree that iBoske do this and any sending other e-mail communications, which may contain advertising as indicated in the "Advertising" section, to provide you with the best service.

Because you may not receive our email notifications for some reason beyond our control (because your mailbox is full, because our emails can be considered spam, because of errors in your e-mail provider, etc.), you understand and agree that we shall not be in any way responsible for the problems in receiving emails you may have, and also missing the information that they may contain.



iBoske offers his registered users a newsletter by e-mail to keep them informed about news in our services. You yourself can control the usage or cancellation of this free Service.

iBoske may use in their e-mails web beacons to identify the number of recipients who open their e-mails as well as the most visited links, you agree to it and will not avoid their usage.


Messages, Comments and Information Sharing

iBoske allows its users to post and exchange messages, for example through comments on a decision tree or on an iBosker channel.

The information and content that you share or publish can be seen as either:

  • Public decision tree: Any user can view your comment.

  • Private decision tree: Only users that have been invited or allowed by the creator of the decision tree, and the decision tree creator can view your comment.

  • Channel: Any user can view your comment.

We are not required to publish information or content in iBoske, which comply or not with these conditions of use so that we can withdraw them at our sole discretion, with or without notice.



For the Contents

iBoske puts all the tools at its disposal to review the legality of the information, images and content of this website. These mechanisms can sometimes not adequately distinguish appropriate from inappropriate content or forbidden, so users can not claim any compensation if their contents are unpublished, blocked or deleted if they are identified as improper, inappropriate, illicit, illegal, libelous, defamatory, sexist, xenophobic, racist, discriminatory, inaccurate, violent, pornographic, offensive, that violates public order, morals or good tradition.

Not being possible full control, iBoske can’t be held responsible for all content, especially those that have been submitted by registered users, of which iBoske can’t be held responsible if the same discharge their opinions.

So the registered users are solely responsible for the information, images and content of any type that they enter into the website, being also responsible for the consequences of their actions arising.

iBoske nor the creator of a decision tree can be held responsible for wrong or outdated information.


For the Availability of the Services

iBoske and those working with him to provide the Services can’t guarantee the availability of this website, nor prevent the disappearance of contents, nor malfunctions, nor other nuisances or damages caused by computer failures, so we disclaim any responsibility, although we make every effort to prevent their occurrence. Therefore, the Company is not liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential or punitive damages, or loss of data, opportunity, reputation or income benefits harm related to our Services.

Interruptions may occur in the Service without notice to perform maintenance, update or modification of the website.

iBoske is not a storage service, so you accept that we have no obligation to stockpile, retain or provide a copy of any content or information you give us, except to the extent that it is required by law.



If you do not want to continue using the services of this website, you can apply through the website yourself to cancel your account, or by contacting us at This involves the automatic deletion of decision trees that you had created. We’ll keep information about you, without identification, only for statistical reasons. This does not entail the automatic elimination of the application for mobile devices, if you installed it on your mobile device. This does not involve the removal of cookies in your web browser, follow the disposal instructions for your web browser.

The cancellation of your user account does not imply the deletion of the historical information that you have entered in iBoske, as are the comments you could have written in an iBosker channel or in their decision trees, the comments you wrote on our blog, the questions in the Help Center, etc. That is, only the content of your channel will be cancelled.

The following continue to apply after the cancellation:

  • Our right to use and disclose your feedback out of your channel.

  • Any amount due to iBoske before termination whichever continue after that.

If you do not want to continue using the mobile application, you can remove it from your device. This does not entail the automatic cancellation of your user account unless you cancel your user account through the mobile application itself, through this website, or by contacting us at


Intellectual and Industrial Property

In general

The Company owns all the rights to intellectual property related to the service provided by this website, except for the content provided by the registered users and subscribed users.

It’s FORBIDDEN any form of reproduction, transmission, distribution, storage, public communication, modification and, in general, any act of exploitation of all or part of the content that make up this website (decision trees in any format, images, videos, music, text, graphics, etc.) as well as stored information, source code and software necessary for viewing or operation thereof, without the prior express written permission of this Company.

It’s FORBIDDEN to exploit or benefit, with or without profit, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, of any of the content that makes up this website without the prior express written consent of the Company and/or the registered user owner of the content.

The logo and the trademark "iBoske" are registered with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office on behalf of the Company. Other marks and logos used in connection with the Services may be trademarks of their respective owners.

In the event that any person or entity identify that its contents have been published on this website without their consent, in violation of copyright, industrial property, to honor, to privacy, to your image or any other right, you can contact us at or by mail to the address indicated in paragraph "Website Owner", sending:

  • The content or protected right that has been violated.

  • The location of the content on the website.

  • Reply address (e-mail or postal address).

  • Photocopy of DNI, passport or equivalent document identity evidencing.

  • A signed statement where the claimant states that the information provided is accurate and that he is the legitimate owner, or he is authorized to act on behalf of the rights allegedly violated, with some evidence for testing.


If you are a User

You are authorized to use the Services provided by this Company, that is using the public decision trees that exist in iBoske and publicity on your social networks.

You are allowed to embed a decision tree on your own website as long as your site does not have a commercial purpose. It is understood that your own site has a commercial purpose when through it you can get any kind of economic benefit (by showing ads, sponsored content, affiliate links, selling products and/or services, referring to another site with which you're bound and through you get an economic benefit, etc.).

The content of decision trees is owned by their respective creators (registered user).

By using the Services of this Company, you can find content or information that may be inaccurate, incomplete, incorrect, outdated, misleading, illegal, offensive or harmful. iBoske generally does not review the content provided by our registered or subscribed users. You agree to hold us harmless from any responsibility related to the content or information of third parties (including other users) or for damages resulting from your use or reliance on them.

You are responsible for deciding if you want to access or use third-party websites that are accessible from iBoske. Except as required by applicable law cases, iBoske is not responsible for these other websites, use them at your risk.


If you are a Registered User

The previous conditions for users apply to registered users, except for those that are modified here.

The Company grants to the registered user a license to use the Services of this website personally, limited, revocable, non-sub-licensable. The Company may take legal action against those who violate this license.

Registered users retain all rights to the content they provide or publish publicly, giving the Company a limited license to use, copy, modify, distribute, publish, reproduce, treat and transmit them through our Services, also we can transform or expand them to fit the technical conditions of the service without any further consent, notice or compensation to you or a third party. This authorization is worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable and subject to sub-license all the time you maintain your registered user account, so we can provide our Services.

These rights are limited in the following ways:

  • You can terminate this license on a specific content of our Services erasing it, or deleting all by closing your account (see section "Termination"), except those that are in our backups.

  • We have the right, without remunerating you or a third party, to show ads near your content and information. We may use your content in our advertising campaigns.

  • We will obtain your consent if we want to give others the right to publish your information outside of our Services. However, other users or registered users can access and share your public content and information.

  • Although we can edit and make formatting changes in your content (such as translate, correct typos, etc.), we won’t modify the meaning of your expression.

  • Since you own your content and information, and we only have non-exclusive rights to them, you can choose to share it with others, including through a Creative Commons license.

You agree that we can access, store and use any information you provide in agreement with these terms.

iBoske won’t be liable for the contents, opinions, messages or statements made by registered users on this website.

We are not required to publish information or content in iBoske, which comply or not with these conditions of use so that we can withdraw them at our sole discretion, with or without notice.

If you submit to iBoske suggestions, ideas or proposals on the Service, its improvement or new features, you are giving to iBoske intellectual and industrial rights over them and their exploitation for any purpose without compensation to you.

Registered users guarantee over the content they publish that they are the owners or holders of rights that allow them to grant the Company the license for publication, or, where appropriate, have obtained the consent of third parties, and do not violate applicable laws, such as those relating to the right to privacy, image, honor, intellectual property or any right of a third party. In case a registered user or a subscribed user violates the aforementioned terms, it will be the registered or subscribed user the head of the legal actions that may be taken against him or iBoske, exonerating iBoske from any liability that may arise from the release of the content.

The registered user agrees to provide content that does not violate applicable law or the rights of third parties (such as intellectual property rights or breach of contract).

iBoske will not be responsible for the opinions or statements expressed by registered users on this website.


If you are a Subscribed User

The previous conditions for registered users apply to subscribed users, except for those that are modified here.

Subscribed users retain all rights to the content they provide or publish privately, this Company can’t use them for other purposes or disseminated without the prior permission of the subscribed user.

These rights are limited in the following ways:

  • We won’t publish ads on your content. We won’t use your content in our advertising campaigns.

  • We will obtain your consent if we want to give others the right to publish your information outside of our Services. However, other users or registered users can access and share your content and information, depending on your configuration.

When you authorize other users to access your private decision trees, they can see the information you publish.

You agree that we can access, store and use any information you provide in agreement with these terms and your privacy settings.


Embedded Player

Any user can embed a decision tree on a web page which respects the principles outlined in this Agreement, shall not be authorized use in web pages with inappropriate content, unsuitable, illegal, unlawful, libelous, defamatory, sexist, xenophobic, racist, discriminatory, inaccurate, violent, pornographic, abusive, that violates public order, morals or good traditions.

The user must respect the visibility of the elements which form the iBoske player, such as the iBoske’s logo and the link to as stipulated in the "Prohibitions" section.

A subscribed user will be the only one who may use the code to embed one of his private decision trees on a website. It is the responsibility of the subscribed user to protect that code, so it isn’t used in non-authorized web pages, and the protection of the website where it is published.

iBoske is not responsible for incompatibilities that may occur when you embed the player on any third party website.



To provide this service free of charge to users and registered users, iBoske display advertising both on the web and through e-mail communications and the mobile application.

This advertising can be about products, services, offers, discounts, promotions or other information from other companies and/or professionals. iBoske does not check the veracity of information provided by third-party advertising.

iBoske doesn’t control the type of ads that appear on our site, it is the provider of the ad network who, based on the context content of the page or viewing content, which provides the most appropriate and related advertising.

iBoske can use remarketing mechanisms in cooperation with existing ad networks.

Please be advised that iBoske will NEVER transmit or lease to third parties your personal data. Any information that we provide to an advertiser will be separate from any identifying information or which could make you identifiable.

If you access through an ad which was showed in iBoske to a third party website, iBoske won’t be responsible for the trade relations that you establish with the third party. We recommend you check the conditions of use of those external websites and the conditions of their services.

Users and registered users agree that our embedded player can display advertising content on the website where you place it.


Affiliate Links

To provide this service free of charge to users and registered users, iBoske has affiliation agreements with third-party companies. These agreements materialize into links including affiliate code associated with iBoske.

These links can appear:

  • In the links provided by iBoske in any of its platforms (web, social networks, newsletter, etc.).

  • In the links of the solutions of the decision trees created by registered users.

If a registered user enters a link that already has its own code of affiliation, iBoske will respect it. If the link does not contain any affiliate code, iBoske can assign an iBoske affiliate code, as long as the third page is within our affiliate network. Neither the registered user nor iBoske are obliged to share their income with each other.

It’s FORBIDDEN for registered users to use shortened web addresses (such as,, etc.), forwarding, or any other mechanism that would avoid the use of our affiliate codes. iBoske reserves the right to terminate the content which doesn’t respect these conditions, or if repetition can come to terminate the account of the registered user.



In addition to the prohibitions specified in the remainder of these terms of use, it is FORBIDDEN:

  • Use this website to infringe the intellectual property of others.

  • Use this website to collect data from registered users.

  • Use this website to conduct direct marketing or advertising of any kind not authorized by the owner of the website.

  • Use this website to host, disclosure or share content that violates any law, such as data or images of minors, illegal software, confidential information, etc.

  • Use this website to send unsolicited emails.

  • Carry out techniques such as SQL injection, XSS, denial of service, overload, infection with viruses, or any other malicious activity directed to intercept, alter, destroy, disrupt or limit the services of this website or other from this website.

  • Carry out techniques of reverse engineering, decompiling, decrypting or otherwise to access the source code of this website.

  • Cancel any safety function of the Services.

  • Simulate the appearance of this website (phishing) for any purpose.

  • Try to access another user's account without permission.

  • Coax a user’s password.

  • Impersonate iBoske staff.

  • Copy, modify or create derivative works from iBoske, the Services or any related technology (except as expressly authorized by iBoske).

  • Perform "framing" or "mirroring" or otherwise simulating the appearance or function of these Services.

  • Rent, lease, do business, sell or resell access to the Services or any other information or data related.

  • Remove notices of copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights notices contained in the Service.

  • Remove, cover or hide any advertising or our logo included in the Services, without prior written permission from iBoske.

  • Use automated or manual programs, devices, scripts robots, other means or processes to access, "scrape," "crawl" or "spider" of our Services or any other data or related information.

  • Check the availability, performance or operation of the Services for competitive purposes.

  • Use mechanisms that hide or impede the final URL, preventing us to know if the address already uses or not an affiliate code or to avoid the usage of our affiliate codes.

If for some reason no strict compliance with any term of these terms of use shall be required, shall not be construed as a waiver by iBoske, which can always and at any time require strict compliance with them.










Terms and Conditions Language

These terms of use are in Spanish (Spain). We offer you these conditions in another language for your convenience; you expressly agree that the Spanish ones prevail.


Law and Jurisdiction

This Agreement (including the additional terms that we may provide you when you use a special function of the Service) is the entire agreement between us on the Services and supersedes any prior agreement of the Services.

Should any of these conditions of use shall be deemed unlawful, void or unenforceable, that condition will be modified so that it becomes effective as close as possible to its original intention, and does not invalidate the rest of conditions.

At all times the laws in force in the Spanish country will be applied. In the case of disagreement, both parties, the user and iBoske, submit to the courts of the city of Málaga, Spain.

To the extent permitted by law, the Spanish (Spain) version of this Agreement shall be binding and translations are provided for convenience only.