Financial Reporting Database Improvement Project

Last updated 5 years ago First published 12 February, 2017

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  • Build New or Update Existing database? Update Existing Database $5,000. Build New Database $35,000.
  • When will the new database be deployed? Jan 1 2020.
  • What if the project is late? $3,000 a month cost past Jan 1 2020.
  • Chance of delay? No Delay. 3 Month Delay.
  • Project cost $44,000.
  • Project cost $44,000.
  • Will this address user issues with the database? No if changes are not substantial.. Yes if the major issue such as slow speed is addressed..
  • Project cost is $5,000.
  • If further database changes need to be implemented, what would the cost be? $5,000 a month for the project team, estimated 1 extra month..
  • Project cost is $10,000.

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