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  • Is video Checkvideo or Other. Checkvideo. Other.
  • Are cameras CheckVideo (includes Gateways or other. checkvideo cameras. gateway with analog cameras. gateway with foreign ip cameras.
  • are cameras seen in customer portal dashboard. yes. no.
  • Solutioncamera issue.
  • portal/account issue.
  • is gateway visible in customer portal. yes. no.
  • portal/account issue.
  • is camera on gateway. yes. no.
  • camera issue.
  • Solutionportal/account issue.
  • is gateway visible in customer portal. no. yes.
  • see analog cameras troubleshooting.
  • check customer portal/account for issues.
  • Are cameras IP or analog. analog. IP.
  • Is live video available. No. Yes.
  • is video crisp/clear. no. yes.
  • restate problem.
  • can we reach the camera directly via IP address or ping? path not available for this. no. yes.
  • camera issue.
  • network/portal/account issue.
  • Escalate.
  • can we reach camera via ping or IP address? no. yes.
  • Solution.
  • escalate.
  • Is live video available. Yes. no.
  • Is video crisp/clear. yes. no.
  • reconfirm the problem.
  • Are all other cameras on system OK. no. yes.
  • problem with single camera.
  • do all cameras have same issue. yes. no.
  • answer at power or recorder.
  • camera or camer cable problem.
  • Does camera have power. no. yes.
  • camera or cable issue.
  • cable or power supply/fuse issue.

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