Decant Exceptions

Last updated 5 years ago First published 27 July, 2017

sdc decant

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 7 nodes Possible solutions: 9
  • What status is the iLPN in? Invt. Consumed. Putaway. Deleted. Allocated. Consumed to Active.
  • Give to Replenishment .
  • Give to Replenishment.
  • Deliver to Replen/Shipping.
  • Place into Active Location.
  • Damaged? No. Yes.
  • Decant Damages into tote/Give to QA.
  • Other LPNs in DECANT for same item? Yes. No.
  • Use LPN to Decant into tote.
  • GIve to Replenishment.
  • Overage Sticker? No. Yes.
  • Send to Receiving.
  • Research.

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