Carol Bogezi Research Analyst
  • Does community have rights to the territory/ resource in question? No. Yes.
  • Are the rights formal or informal? Informal. Formal.
  • Assurance of rights: is there conflcit or political instability, social inequality, power asymmetry, land use issues, inmigration, policy violation and resource exploitation?? No. Yes.
  • Work with governments to resolve conflict..
  • Substence of the rights: does the user have access to all bundle of rights? Is there resource documentation or formal title? Yes. No..
  • Consider following solutions for "informal rights"..
  • Are the formal rights upheld locally? Yes. No.
  • Conservation intivatives likely to result in positive outcomes..
  • Consider waiting on starting new external conservation initiative .
  • Does community have access to the whole bundle of rights? Yes. No.
  • Is resource accessible by all individuals of community equally? Yes. No.
  • Refrain from new conservation initiatives..
  • Is there fair and consistent conflict resolution? Yes.
  • Consider new conservation initiatives in parnership with community.
  • Is there a process to recognize any form of tenure? No. Yes.
  • Follow local guidance on de facto rights..
  • Refrain from startign conservation initiatives..

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