Welcome to APUS! The admissions process can be an overwhelming task. We've developed this interactive decision tree as a tool that will help

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Admissions Process English Rating: Above 18 Shortest path: 3 nodes Longest path: 15 nodes Possible solutions: 15
  • Student Scenerio. Graduate Admissions. Readmissions. Corporate. Military Spouse. Veteran. Undergraduate Admissions.
  • WIP.
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  • Transfer Student. Yes. No.
  • 9 or more credit with a C or higher? Yes. No.
  • Send Unofficial to your Admission Representative. Upload ID to SDU link.
  • Register for Classes or Complete TCE? Register for Classes. Complete TCE.
  • WIP.
  • WIP.
  • Complete ADMN100. Upload ID and highschool Document to SDU Link.
  • Register for Classes. Yes.
  • WIP.
  • Complete ADMN100. Upload ID and High School Document to SDU Link.
  • Register. Answer. Answer.
  • WIP.
  • WIP.
  • Is student Disenrolled? Yes. No.
  • Student Submits new appllication for Admission.
  • What is the student's GPA? Above 2.0(UG) or 3.0 (G). Below 2.0(UG) or 3.0 (G).
  • Student will need to contact academicappeals@apus.edu to appeal for readmission.
  • Is the Program Deadline less than a year from today or has it past? No. Yes.
  • Student will need to contact Student Advising to do a Program Deadline Extension or switch into a new program.
  • Is the student more than 75% done with their degree?Will readmission cause more classes to complete their degree? No. Yes.
  • Student will need to contact the Readmissions Exception Appeal Form to be grandfathered into existing Academic Plan.
  • Is the program current within our Catalogs? Yes. No.
  • Student will need to complete the Degree Change Form to change into a current program.
  • Have student complete the Readmissions Application and then check the students document log. Is the document log complete? No. Answer.
  • WIP.

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