Operator Scheduling

Last updated 4 years ago First published 03 January, 2017

Business English Rating: Above 18 Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 13 nodes Possible solutions: 12
  • Is it a normal 8 hr work day? No. Yes.
  • Is there an open spot for the employee's bid? No. Yes.
  • Schedule employee in their bid position..
  • Do they have enough seniority to hold a spot? Yes. No.
  • Schedule them in their bid spot..
  • Move to B pool..
  • Is it overtime? No. Yes.
  • Are there employees on the OT sign up sheet to cover the position? Yes. No.
  • Have multiple capable employees signed up? Yes. No.
  • Schedule by lowest overtime..
  • Schedule the employee in the position they signed up for..
  • Force overtime on the operator in that bid position that has the lowest overtime hours. Do they accept? No. Yes.
  • Place operator in spot and update coverage sheet.
  • Administer 1/2 point in attendance tracker. Is there another employee to force in that bid position? No. Yes.
  • Repeat previous step until answer is "no".
  • Are any operators in other positions able to fill the role? No. Yes.
  • Force outside of bid role based on ability and low OT.
  • Get in touch with Production Manager and other shifts to find solution/discuss potential of shutting a line down..
  • Is it an unplanned shift during the M-F work week? (ie production running over). No. Yes.
  • Schedule by seniority.
  • Is it scheduled weekend work? No. Yes.
  • Place employees by ability, then lowest overtime.
  • ?.