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How to change a flat tire.

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  • How to change a flat tire. Park your car in a safeareaand turn off the veichle leaving the emergency lights ON. Turn on the emergency lights. Turn Off Your Engine.
  • Accurate, however there is a better alternative. Go back.
  • Accurate, however there is a better alternative. Go back.
  • So what now? Call for assistance.. Get the mechanical jack and start lifting the car.. Start unscrewing nuts while the car is on the ground..
  • At time of removing the nuts, car movement will take effect and the mechanical jack may break. Think again.
  • I know you can do better!.
  • So far so good, but there is more to do.. Turn on the radio.. This is to much work. Call for assistance.. With the nuts now loose, place the mechanical jack on the car and start lifting..
  • Come on!! .
  • Try again.
  • that's the way, how about now? what should we do? Lower down rhe car.. Turn off the emergency lights. At this stage, remove the flat tire and input the new one..
  • Are you sure?.
  • There is more work to be done..
  • Almost there... Start screwing back the nuts, but no very hard. Just enough to have the tire in place.. Lower the car until reachest the ground.. Turn on the car..
  • This action will not complete your process..
  • No yet. Try again.
  • You are getting better! What do we do now? Lower the car to the ground and make sure that the nuts are screwed hard.. Open the car doors.. Turn On the car, you have completed the process..
  • Excellent work!!!!.
  • Work is not 100% completed. Check again..
  • MMM think again!!.

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