Within a year create a financially successful business that reduces water usage and works to eliminate poverty.

Last updated 5 years ago First published 23 January, 2017

To create a profitable enterprise utilizing our patented, waterless laundry system that will enhance the lives of workout enthusiasts, athletes and families of athletes, while driving toward our goal of changing the world by reducing water usage and offering the basic luxury of clean clothes to those in need.

English Rating: ALL ages Shortest path: 5 nodes Longest path: 9 nodes Possible solutions: 11
Jason Steblay AltMBA
  • Is it worth pursuing? Indecision/Delay. No - Walk Away. Yes - Do It!.
  • Can we achieve this goal another way? Yes. No.
  • End Project.
  • Go to Yes - Do it! or Indecision/Delay.
  • What Business Model/How? Partner . Sell Product. Sell the company.
  • Do we have the resources to sell & manufacture the product? No. Yes.
  • Ship IT!.
  • Can we acquire the Resources to sell and manufacture the product? No. Yes.
  • Ship IT!.
  • Go to Indecision/Dely or No Walk Away.
  • Will other companies partner with us? No. Yes.
  • Go to Sell Product or Sell the Company.
  • Ship IT!.
  • Is there a buyer? Yes. No.
  • Go to Partnenr or Sell Product.
  • Ship it!.
  • Probability analysis of re-visiting opportunity in the future? Yes. No.
  • Go to No - Walk Away or Yes Do it.
  • Delay Project.

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