• Is your dog Altered (Spayed or Neutered)? Yes. No.
  • How old is your dog? 10 years & older. 5 months-9 years. 0-4 months.
  • Puppy Package.
  • Individual Care Package.
  • Senior Package.
  • How old is your dog? 10 years & older. 9 years & younger.
  • Senior Package.
  • Want to Socialize your dog with others? No, does not get along with others or I prefer not to socialize my dog with other dogs. Yes, loves to play with others or I would like to see if my dog will do well with other dogs (daycare evaluation needed).
  • Individual Care Package.
  • How much time would you like your dog to play with others? 3 hours. 5 hours with swimming (passed swim test). 1 1/2 hours. 1 1/2 hours with extra 15 minute activity with kennel technician.
  • Gold Package.
  • Silver Package.
  • Bronze Package.
  • Basic Package.

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