Determine Support Action

Last updated 6 years ago First published 14 November, 2016


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Steve Wright Support Manager
  • Is the Request a break/fix with the App? No. Yes.
  • Do you have a Question or Service Request. Question. Service Request.
  • Is it Support Specific? No. Yes.
  • Check out our Community Page!.
  • Open an SR and we'll try to help!.
  • Do you require Portal Access or Keys? No. Yes.
  • Open the appropriate SR ticket and submit.
  • Is request related to your account or Consulting Services? Account. Consulting .
  • Reach out to our CST Team, they'll help you!.
  • Reach out to our TMs who will help.
  • Is this a Portal Issue? No. Yes.
  • Open IR ticket stating Portal issue .
  • Open Ticket stating Console Issue.

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