• Do you have an Approved Membership? Yes. No.
  • What are you looking to do? Make a Payment. Change employees. Change Amount.
  • Is the membership combined with an approved conference registration? No. Yes.
  • Make request to Accountant for check or submit RQSE to request P-card payment.
  • If membership and conference have been approved, submit request to accountant for check or submit RQSE to request p-card payment.
  • Has the membership been paid for previous employee? Yes. No.
  • Submit request for superintendency approval, and submit RQSE for processing.
  • Get superintendency approval for new employee, then submit to accountant or submit RQSE to request p-card payment.
  • Is amount higher? No. Yes.
  • No additional action needed, submit for payment.
  • Get approval from accountant for higher amount, submit for payment.
  • Is membership for you or for who you support? Yes. No.
  • 1) Get superintendency approval; 2) submit RQSE for procurement process; 3) return memo and RQSE number to Cheri to be added to spreadsheet; 4) seek payment from accountant or P-card with coding.
  • Is it for LEA. Yes. No.
  • Submit the request as a Grant.
  • Is this a sponsorship. Yes. No.
  • Is sponsorship has been approved, depending on what conditions to the funds are present, action may be required, contact purchasing..
  • Your request sounds unique, please contact purchasing.

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