• Is this for a stipend or work performed? Work Performed. Stipend.
  • Is the vendor performing work for USBE or is USBE getting something of value for the stipend? No. Yes.
  • Go to Work Performed.
  • Use the Stipend Request Form.
  • Has the work already been performed? Yes. NO.
  • You will need a memo.
  • Will the agreement be over $5,000 in value? No. Yes.
  • Request a Purchase Order instead of SSA.
  • Submit a RQSE. Completed!. Do I have to? .
  • Yes, no approved XPO before = memo.
  • When you have submitted your RQSE, wait for Purchasing to create an XPO and include this number on your SSA that is signed by Vendor and Section BEFORE WORK BEGINS. What if I can't get it signed before the event?. Completed.
  • Have Vendor submit an invoice and submit INVOICE and SSA to section accountant for payment.
  • You will need a memo for not following the approved process, Get the signed SSA, Invoice and submit for payment.

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